Custom Service

Advanced production equipment

We have many production bases and more than 200 CNC machining centers.

Abundant and high-quality resources are our biggest advantage. We have more than 100 cooperative production bases all over the country, and each base has advanced processing machine tools and corresponding production equipment.

Based on the processing base and professional technical talents, we are fully qualified for your customized requirements. So please let us know your requirements as soon as possible! We are also looking forward to the early completion of your products and delivery to your hands!

What do you need to provide?

Drawings or samples, materials and other special requirements.

If you have drawings, it’s best! If you don’t have it, only the sample can be sent to us by express, because we have the CMM imported from Japan, so we can map out the exact size. Of course, the most important material and its performance we need to connect well, in order to give you a qualified product.