Application of progressive cavity pump in red wine making process

Progressive cavity pump has been widely used in wine making process. When the picked grapes are threshed and threshed, they need to be crushed. For crushed grapes, we usually use square feeding progressive pump to transport them to fermentation tank for fermentation.

Grape stalk removing crusher
Grape stalk removing crusher


  • It can move a large amount of mixed mud, that is, grapes, peels and seeds, as well as fruit juice or wine, smoothly, without pulsation, gently and with minimum shear.
  • Self-priming design and its efficient use in long-distance pumping.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.
  • The flow is proportional to the speed.
  • Low cost of investment, use and maintenance.


  • Stator: NBR / food grade NBR
  • Rotor: SS304 / SS316L (chrome plated)
  • Coupling rod: SS304 / SS316L
  • Drive shaft: SS304 / SS316L
  • Pump Body: SS304 / SS316L
  • Mechanical Seal:
    • Rotary Part: Silicon carbide (SiC)
    • Stationary Part: Carbon (C)
  • Temperature Range: Up to 185°F
  • Voltage: Customer to specify:
    • 3 Phase / 60 Hertz – 240v or 480v