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SEEPEX Pump Structure Diagram
SEEPEX Pump Structure Diagram

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Mingjie Pump manufactures, distributes and sells aftermarket spare parts for SEEPEX® pumps. We have already had a large number of successful application cases of replacing spare parts of Seepex. Moreover, we have the ability to deliver quickly, without affecting the quality, and can suggest you new rubber compounds and basic materials, which have delayed the service life of your pump.

Seepex is a manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps and macerators based in Germany since 1972. The main fields of application are marine, oil and gas, paper and pulp, agriculture, food and many more.    
Mingjie Pump has extensive experience in manufacturing seepex pump spare parts and replacement pumps.

Seepex BN series spare parts list

Applicable models 05-24, 1-6, 1-12, 2-6L…. .202-6L

Stückliste Baureihe BN
Schnittzeichnung Nr.
Parts list range BN
sectional drawing No.
Liste des pièces série BN
plan no.
QuantityPos. No.Benennung
Stck. / Pos.
Qty. / item
Qté. / Poste
2202Halbrundkerbnägelround head grooved pinsrivet
1203Typenschildtype platepalque signalitique
42106kt-Schraubehexagon boltvis
2116kt-Schraubehexagon boltvis
4212Federringspring washerrondelle frein
42136kt-Mutterhexagon nutécrou
1307Steckwelleplug-in shaftarbre à broche
1309Steckwellenbolzenplug-in shaft pincheville pour arbre à broche
1310Spritzringsplash ringbague de projection
1400Kuppelstangecoupling rodbarre d’ accouplement
2401Gelenkhülseretaining sleevedouille d’ articulation
2402Kuppelstangenbolzencoupling rod pinaxe d’ articulation
4403Führungsbuchseguide bushingdouille de guidage
2404Kuppelstangenbuchsecoupling rod bushingchemise d’ axe
2405Manschetteuniversal joint sleevemanchette
2406Haltebandholding bandcollier de serrage
2407Haltebandholding bandcollier de serrage
1500Sauggehäusesuction casingcarter d’ aspiration
1501Sauggehäusedichtungcasing gasketétanchéité du carter d’ aspiration
3502Verschlussschraubescrewed plugbouchon de vidange
3503Dichtringsealing ringjoint d’ étanchéité
45066kt-Schraubehexagon boltvis
4507Fächerscheibefan type lock washerrondelle à dents chevauchantes
45096kt-Mutterhexagon nutécrou
2510Reinigungsdeckelcleanoutcouvercle de nettoyage
85126kt-Schraubehexagon boltvis
2516Verschlussschraubescrewed plugbouchon de vidange
2517Dichtringsealing ringjoint d’ étanchéité
2602Spannschraubetie bolttirant
2603Spannschraubetie bolttirant
86046kt-Mutterhexagon nutécrou
1700Druckstutzenpressure branchbride de refoulement
1705Verschlussschraubescrewed plugbouchon de vidange
1706Dichtringsealing ringjoint d’ étanchéité
098seepex Gelenkfettseepex joint greaseseepex graisse d’ articulations
  1. This parts list is applicable to BN series whose seal is mechanical; Applicable models: Applicable models 05-24, 1-6, 1-12, 2-6L…. .202-6L
  2. For a list of seepex packing seal BN series spare parts, please see the manual provided herein. Applicable models: 05-24 … 300-6L

Seepex model table

List of all models of Seepex PC pump

Position number and material list of Seepex wear-resistant parts

Parts NamePositionMaterial
Stator601NR, NBR, Q, EPM, FKM
Rotor60045#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L, 2205, Ti (Heat-treatable and electroplated Cr)
Coupling Rod Pin40245#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L
Guide Bushing40345#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L
Retaining Sleeve40145#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L, 2205, Ti
Holding Band406304, 316L
Universal Joint Sleeve405NR, NBR, Q, EPM, FKM
Holding Band407304, 316L
Coupling Rod40045#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L, 2205, Ti
Coupling Rod Bushing40445#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L
Plug-in Shaft30745#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L
Plug-in Shaft Pin30945#, 2Cr13, 304, 316L
Splash Ring310NBR
Mechanical sealCustomized according to media
Position number and material list of Seepex wear-resistant parts

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PC pump rotor machining
PC pump rotor machining

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide spare parts for all Seepex progressive cavity pumps, you only need to provide the pump model and the corresponding Pos. No. .

Common wearing parts are: stator, rotor, connecting rod, joint grease, plug-in shaft, etc.

Of course, when a problem occurs with your pump, spare parts need to be replaced.

Usually the flow rate and pressure decrease, or the pump has abnormal noise, the pump does not rotate, the motor is rotating, and so on.

At this time, we need to disassemble, inspect, remove and find the damaged parts of the pump.

Then check the drawing to find the corresponding part description and position number. Of course, you can also provide the Seepex pump nameplate to us.

You need to provide the pump model (the pump label can be provided), serial number (optional), the position number of the part, and the description or name of the part. If there is nothing, you can provide the photos of the spare parts you need or the measured size.

We have to consider many factors for this; Common reasons are system problems or wrong pump selection and material selection.

  • If there is a problem with the system, the most common one is pump dry grinding;
  • The wrong material selection will cause the spare parts to corrode and wear quickly.
  • The wrong pump model selection will also cause the spare parts to wear out quickly, or even fail to work in serious cases.

If you need our help to determine the cause of the pump failure, you should provide the following information as far as possible: the fluid delivered by the pump, viscosity, temperature, physical and chemical properties, required flow rate, pressure, inlet conditions and pipe inner diameter.

We believe that the most important factor to consider is that your pump will be frequently or prematurely worn or damaged after replacement of new spare parts. If this situation still occurs after excluding system factors, you need to replace the pump with a new one, because it is likely that there is a problem with the selection of the pump. Of course, if you are replacing spare parts for the first time, you only need to consider the value of the replacement spare parts or the value of a brand new pump.

General spare parts only need to replace the stator, rotor, and universal joint components. Occasionally, connecting rods, drive shafts, mechanical seals or packing are required.

Of course!
First of all, you have to determine whether you need to ensure the installation size, if necessary, we have to redesign the size of the pump to meet your working conditions and size.
Then you need to provide the most conventional information: the fluid delivered by the pump, viscosity, temperature, physical and chemical properties, required flow rate, outlet pressure, inlet pressure and pipe inner diameter.

Generally according to different working conditions and the medium to choose the right material.

It can be roughly divided into two factors: chemical compatibility and wear resistance.

Chemical compatibility: generally, the medium is chemically corrosive, in this case, we usually choose stainless steel (304, 316, duplex stainless steel) or titanium alloy material.

According to the chemical corrosivity, we will choose the appropriate stainless steel material.

Of course, stainless steel is also used in the food industry.

Wear resistance: when the medium contains fine particles, we need to fully consider its wear resistance;

And ways to improve wear resistance:

  1. Use hard materials such as hardened tool steel (1.2436). It can also be subjected to heat treatment or nitriding treatment to improve its wear resistance.
  2. Chrome plating on the surface of the rotor.( We are plated with 5mm chromium on one side, and can also be plated according to your requirements.)

Whether it is hardened tool steel or stainless steel, we can electroplate on its surface.

Note: if the electroplated layer is damaged, the stator will be damaged.