our Difference

What we do is not only cooperation, we are willing to be a good friend with you.

Our company will recruit new technical talents in universities every year to ensure the technical strength of our company, so as to ensure the eternal excellent products. As you know, we prefer to be good friends with you. We are looking forward to mutual benefit in future cooperation, and we can cooperate with each other to solve problems in a timely manner.

production process


Our factory has its own foundry, sufficient supply, fast delivery time! For special parts, we can customize the mold or weld to solve.


For the cast parts, we need further processing, some need quenching and tempering treatment, and then finish machining.


After checking the quality and accuracy of each product, we will have professional assembly engineers to complete the pump assembly.


Put the assembled pump on the test bench and test its performance parameters. We make sure that every pump is tested before leaving the factory.


After passing the pump test, we will have a professional painter to put on new clothes for our pump. Let your product not only good quality, but also very beautiful!

Delivery and packing

When the pump’s new clothes are put on, we will pack them, reinforce them, and strictly enforce the standards of export wooden cases.

We make everything you need, including your profit!

As a qualified factory, we have the obligation to strictly control the quality of each product and its corresponding performance, and then, as a qualified friend, we should ensure your profits and try our best to meet all your needs! Also, we are happy to provide you with some convenient services in China!

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